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Exploring New Interests: Don’t Jump Off The Cliff — Try Stepping Off The Curb First


Making a living doing something we love is a desire most people have. Those that have not found their calling feel they are meant for something else, something bigger and are desperate to find it. Some know what that passion is but may be afraid to start. Others struggle to identify it and have churned through many ideas trying to find it. Sadly others have given up and resided in never finding...

Passion Starts Between Your Ears


Throughout my adult life the question, “What do you want to do as a career?” has haunted me. The reason it disturbed me was I could never figure out what I wanted to do as a profession and every time someone asked me I would be overcome with anxiety because I didn’t truly know and didn’t know how to answer. My interests seemed scattered all over the map. When I did focus...

Why You Should Date Failure — Not Marry It


As sure as we breathe we will fail, but that is all right. That is acceptable. Failure is going to happen. The more thorough we are at setting goals the more we will be familiar with failure. If you desire to achieve a goal then you will become quite acquainted with failure. Failure will be a constant companion in the life of the ambitious. Accepting failure is not giving up or residing to live...

Conquering My Fear for $10.99


So I am testing out a new app I purchased to assist me with writing and the dang thing tricked me into doing something I have procrastinated on for quite some time. Even though I have mentally committed to it, in no uncertain terms I have procrastinated out of sheer Fear. It tricked me by making me forget about my Fear just long enough to get past it and by that time it was already too late to...

Passion, Calling, Legend or Legacy – Call it What You Want, but Start Your Journey to Discovery!


Do you have a desire to look deeper into discovering your passion? Are you lost, confused, frustrated and tired because of a self-analysis beatdown that is the product of an attempt at trying to answer the “Passion” question’s that you have either levied upon yourself or that have been volleyed at you from others?  Whether you have already identified “it” or you...

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